Understanding your hitting tendencies to improve decision making on the course during practice & game play.

Track your:

  • Fairways
    Left, right, long, short,
    in regulation
  • Approach
    Left, right, long, short, greens in regulation
  • Short Game
    Sand saves, ups & downs, putts
  • Scoring Trends
    Par 3s, 4s, and 5s
  • Handicap
    Indexed Handicap Calculator



  • Manage your practice & play
  • Play consistently
  • Lower scores = Lower handicap
  • Club distance table
  • Easy intuitive interface
    (doesn't interfere with your game)


  • Name: Golf Stats Tracker Pro
  • Price: USD $0.99
  • Version: 1.2
  • Requirements: iPhone running iOS 6+
  • Language : English


Using Golf Stats Tracker Pro

With Peak Performance iPhone golf app interface, all it takes is a tap to record or swipe to the next shot. On going stats always remain on each shot page to provide analysis of your game. This iPhone golf app was made for golfers around the world not just for those who live in a specific geo-location. Whether you play golf in the United States, Australia, or UK, you can use the App to improve your game. It also doesn't carry a GPS system or heavy video library, which would slow down the golf app performance and drain your iPhone battery dramatically. The quicker you can record the score, the quicker you can move on to the next hole. The longer your phone battery lasts, the longer you can stay on the golf course to properly play and analyze your game.

For more instructions, purchase this iPhone golf app from the iTunes App Store and check out the detailed "Tutorials" available in the golf app.

About us

Peak Performance Golf is revolutionizing the way golfers learn and train for golf. For more information about Peak Performance Golf and our Golf School, please visit our website www.peakperformancegolf.us. Greg is available for golf school instruction in Central Florida. He holds specialty certifications in fitness and biomechanics with Titleist Performance Institute and K-Vest Inc. and has also been named with an Honourable Mention U.S. Kids Club Top 50 Instructors in 2011.

Peak Performance Golf is developing a series of iPhone golf apps that will accommodate golfers of all levels of interest, ability and achievement, taking your game to a higher level of performance. We will continue to offer updates to our Golf Stats Tracker Pro App to deliver the best improvements to your golf game.

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