Improve your game and lower your scores with pro golf tips to master every shot opportunity.

9 Categories to Target Every Aspect of Your Golf Game with 260+ Golf Video Training References.

  • Basic Rules
    1. Basic Rules
    Lateral water hazard, Water hazard, Lost ball,
    Out of Bounds (OB), Teeing ground, Unplayable lie.
  • Swing Fundamentals
    2. Swing Fundamentals
    General, Basic & Advanced
  • Swing Principals
    3. Swing Principles
    Balance, Tempo, Swing Center, Release + More
  • Movement
    4. Movement
    Set-up, Transition, Back swing, Forward swing
  • Swing Overview
    5. Swing Overview
    First move, Halfway back, Top of back swing,
    Transition, Impact, Finish position + More
  • Shot Making
    6. Shot Making
    Driving, Bunkers, Specialty shots, Uneven lies,
  • Short Game
    7. Short Game
    Bump & Runs, Greenside bunkers, Lob wedge,
    Bellied wedge, Long pitch, Soft chip/pitch + More
  • Putting
    8. Putting
    Basics, Set-up, Strategies
  • Chipping Pitching
    9. Chipping/Pitching
    Basics, Motion, Positioning, Set-up, Strategy,
    Downhill, Uphill + More


  • Name: Golf Pocket Pro
  • Price: USD $4.99
  • Version: 1
  • Requirements: iPhone running iOS 5+
  • Language : English

Golf Pocket Pro App on iTune Store


About the iPhone Golf Video Training App - Golf Pocket Pro

The Golf Pocket Pro App is exactly what you need to improve your game and lower your scores. This golf video training app, providing comprehensive written and video tutorials, offers a great reference tool during a round or on the practice range. Greg Coffin, PGA of America Master Professional and Founder of Peak Performance Golf Schools, will help you master every shot opportunity through straightforward and detailed instruction. No matter your level of play, Greg has got you covered, teaching time proven fundamentals that build solid foundations for your golf game.

The Golf Pocket Pro delivers valuable insight into virtually any aspect of your golf game. Nine categories featuring 260+ golf video training references makes the Golf Pocket Pro just like having your own professional golf instructor in your back pocket! Is it not time to take your game to the next level of performance?

About us

Peak Performance Golf is revolutionizing the way golfers should learn and train for golf. For more information about Peak Performance Golf and our Golf School, please visit our website Greg is available for golf school instruction in Central Florida. He holds specialty certifications in fitness and biomechanics with Titleist Performance Institute and K-Vest Inc. and has also been named with an Honorable Mention U.S. Kids Club Top 50 Instructors in 2011.

Peak Performance Golf is developing a series of iPhone golf apps that will accommodate golfers of all levels of interest, ability and achievement, taking your game to a higher level of performance. We will continue to offer updates to our Pocket Pro App to deliver the best improvements to your golf game.

*Please note that this app contains extensive video content. With over 260+ golf tutorial videos, we recommend that you download with the use of wifi or iTunes app store connection. No need for additional downloads, this app is self-contained and won’t require extra bandwidth while on the course.

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